Morning sunlight streams into the breakfast porch just as a platter of freshly sliced melons, juicy berries, and other fruit is brought in. A bagel bounces out of the toaster as another guest pours a bowl of cereal. A selection of island baked pastries and breakfast breads sits scrumptiously awaiting guests. Almonds, walnuts and fresh fruit toppings are provided for yogurt. While you’re deciding, brew a hot cup of coffee or tea in the Keurig. Grab a magazine or newspaper and sit in the garden and dine amongst the flowers or enjoy your Nantucket breakfast inside on the breakfast porch.  

Assorted Juices • Assorted Coffee & Teas • Artisan Breads

Want to dine somewhere else one of your mornings? Let us provide you with local favorites and tourist must-visits for Nantucket breakfast and brunch.

Nantucket Breakfast

6 – minute walk to The Bean

7 – minute walk to Black-Eyed Susan’s

8 – minute walk to Handlebar Cafe

9 – minute walk to Straight Wharf Restaurant

10 – minute bike ride to The Green

11 – minute bike ride to Downyflake